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Our Venues

For our physical events our online venue portfolio provides you with some snapshot information on some of the venues we work with. Please select from the categories below:



As our events are professionally managed we’re happy to have excellent working relationships with many leading locations.

We provide costings and in-depth information on our favourite places. Be safe in the knowledge that we only recommend venues that work for your brief. Importantly we also know which venues work best for which events.

We are equally pleased to host and organise an in-person or hybrid event at an address of your choice, which may include your offices or a venue pre-arranged by you. We liaise with such locations on your behalf.

Please feel free to contact us for ideas.

Preferred Supplier

We know how important it is to you to have peace
of mind for your event. The Tasting Quarter is
delighted to be a Preferred Supplier at a number
of renowned venues. Look for the London
preferred supplier stamp.

The Tasting Quarter
Since 2012