Tasting Trails

Our tasting trails pool our knowledge, specialist equipment, table top decorations and resources to offer a range of activities for major business to business events and conferences.

Tasting Trails include options from our entire portfolio, starting from a minimum of two tastings.

For major events (minimum 50+ guests recommended), tasting trails can either be set up on tasting stations or in a seated environment.

Guests may participate individually or in teams, and both activity duration and overall event length can be tailored to preference.

Our fully mobile multi tastings can be set up at any point during the day, either as a stand-alone event or as a pre dinner or during dinner/lunch activity.

The Tasting Quarter can provide guidance on the most popular tasting combinations.

“We got some very good feedback from all our clients. They certainly loved all the tastings. Please also say thank you to your team. They were brilliant.”


If you are exhibiting at a major conference and you want to maximise your return on investment look no further. Our objective is to make sure your stand has the most popular, sought after and talked about set of experiences with the people who count.

We offer a range of rotating mini tastings (typically 3-5 minutes in duration, delegate dependent), constantly refreshing your stand to encourage repeat visits from important delegates and to ensure you foster deeper relationships with these key contacts.

Unlike many exhibition stand experiences multiple delegates can be accommodated at any one point, helping you maximise opportunities in the times that count.

If all of the above weren’t enticing enough, our team are able to proactively draw relevant delegates to your stand using humour and warmth to ensure maximum effectiveness for your conference.

“The tasting games, as well as your great personalities and professionalism, were a fantastic pull to our stand. The quality of the tasting stock was excellent and I also absolutely loved the stand display that you made for each tasting.

We have received very positive feedback from our clients, the team, and even our competitors on how great you were. One of our key internal stakeholders felt you were almost an extension of our brand in terms of engaging delegates and passing them on to us.”
Leading Investment Management company

Tasting activity examples:

  • Wine tastings
  • Detox super posh juice tastings
  • Artisan cheese tastings
  • Chocolate tastings
  • Charcuterie tastings
  • Cider tastings
  • Gin tastings
  • Craft beer tastings
  • Champagne/sparkling wine tastings
  • Fortified wine tastings
  • Olive oil tastings
  • Whisky tastings
  • Honey tastings
  • Ice cream tastings


(treɪl) noun. Routes along series of paths or roads.

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