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Let’s be honest, when you are by yourself, who cares? After all you’ve pushed a half-cork into a bottle of wine with a bic biro before haven’t you? You’re a savvy customer – you know cork floating in wine doesn’t mean the wine is corke […]

It’s a common problem: you find a wine you love and then can’t find it anywhere. If you’ve failed to track down a wine in the past, this short article should help. Firstly, there are a number of reasons why this might happen: You tried the wine abroad […]

There’s nothing worse is there? There you are, wilting under the gaze of a stern looking waiter, as you nose your glass. Your job is simple; is the wine good, or is it in bad nick? So far, so straightforward… Not so, according to many of […]

Wine and climate change – what wine drinkers can do to help

Climate change is impacting us all. We know some of the broader societal changes we need to make – switching to electric cars, eliminating unnecessary travel, choosing renewable energy and making our […]

Which corkscrew should you buy

I’ve used every type of corkscrew under the sun over the years, from the twin lever corkscrew, to the zig zag/fish corkscrew (not a fan, sorry), to the lever arm corkscrew, and everything in between. […]

Le Nez du Vin

We’ve been using Jean Lenoir’s wine aroma phial kit for nearly 16 years in our wine tasting events and would like to christen our blog with a super useful Le Nez du Vin review. The below gives you […]

Affordable Wine

There are many expensive wine fridges available on the market which offer a controlled cool range of temperatures, and allow you to chill multiple bottles at the same time, but as well as cost, they can take up a lot of space, and […]