Wine Quest – flagship wine tasting game™

A hugely entertaining corporate wine game, Wine Quest is designed as a crescendo building event. It’s highly dynamic, and very participative in nature. Like all our events, it has been produced for all levels of knowledge and interest.

This event includes a blind wine tasting challenge, where your objective is to identify wines without seeing their label.

With the aid of an animated wine tutorial, wine colour charts, cheat sheets and aroma phial kits (dictionary sets of wine-related scents), you will participate with one goal, to win the Quest and scoop the prizes.

By the end of the event you will also have your very own Taste Profile, a guide you’ll be able to use the next time you want to go and buy some wine.

How Long?

1 1/2 hours as standard. On request, the event length can be tailored
according to your preference.



Seated or reception-style/walk-about (for in-person or hybrid)?



Virtually, your premises, a location suggested by you, or a third party venue recommended by us.

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