Fine & Rare Wine Tasting – classic wine tasting

With less than 1% of all wine produced destined for the cellar, it is no
wonder the world of fine wine still holds a certain mystique.

The Fine and Rare Wine Tasting gives your business guests the opportunity to
taste a specially-chosen selection of the world’s most sought after wines
in a fun, relaxing and engaging environment.

Created to order, The Tasting Quarter may also skillfully weave an
animated wine tutorial, aroma phial kits, wine colour charts and game
elements throughout your event.

The wines on tasting are amongst the most highly prized bottles in
today’s fine wine markets. From the classical regions of Bordeaux and
Burgundy through to modern legends from the New World, your tasting
will unlock the mystery that surrounds these famous names.

A unique opportunity to taste wines which will truly awaken your
vinous senses.

How Long?

1 1/2 hours as standard. On request, the event length can be tailored
according to your preference.



Seated or reception-style/walk-about (for in-person or hybrid)?



Virtually, your premises, a location suggested by you, or a third party venue recommended by us.

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