Corporate Whisky Tastings

Whisky Explorer – whisky tasting game™

For in-person, virtual or hybrid Whisky tastings, look no further.

Have you ever really wanted to get to grips with the famous Scottish
single malts? Do you wonder how whisky experts can distinguish
between bourbons, Irish whiskies and the various types of distillation
and maturation?

The answer to these questions and more lies in Whisky Explorer,
a blind whisky tasting game which neatly distils our whisky expert’s
knowledge and uses it to deliver you an event your guests will talk
about for years to come.

From light heather-like examples with a touch of honey, to rich, deep
amber-coloured offerings with toasted wood and sherry-like aromas,
this event will provide you with an engaging, fast-paced and
comprehensive insight into the world of whisky.

Suitable for novices and enthusiasts alike, the game also includes our
dictionary sets of whisky related aromas, your guests entertaining route
to expertise in whisky aroma recognition.

How Long?

1 1/2 hours as standard. On request, the event length can be tailored
according to your preference.



Seated or reception-style/walk-about (for in-person or hybrid)?



Virtually, your premises, a location suggested by you, or a third party venue recommended by us.

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