Corporate Champagne Tasting

The Champagne Set – Champagne tasting game™

The Champagne Set is an unforgettable tasting event and a unique opportunity to try the broad spectrum of Champagnes (and other sparkling wines on request) in one encounter.

The event starts with Drinking Stars, a fun, engaging and focused
animated tutorial that provides guests with a crash course introduction
to the wines of this celebrated region. Guests then taste their wines
as they’re taken on an enchanting virtual journey through the
Champenois vineyards and cellars.

The Champagne Set is guaranteed to add a sparkle to anyone’s
day, and like all our formats the experience caters for both experts
and novices alike.

How Long?

1 1/2 hours as standard. On request, the event length can be tailored
according to your preference.



Seated or reception-style/walk-about?



Your premises,a location suggested by you, or a third party venue recommended by us ideal for Champagne tasting in LondonUK, or Internationally.

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