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What The Drinks Trade Is Cracking Open This Christmas (And Popping Open In The New Year)

It’s that time of year again – the media is awash with festive drinks recommendations as the holidays draw in. What though will the experts in the drink trade be enjoying during the break? Specialist corporate events company, The Tasting Quarter put this question to three of their professional drinks hosts: Joe Wadsack, Panu Long […]
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Light bodied and full bodied wines – a definition

When I first started out in the wine trade, I used to struggle with the word “body” when used in wine lexicon. It sounded pretty as a description for sure, but what did it actually mean? I had a vague understanding that the expression probably had something to do with alcohol content, but I knew […]
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Wine decanting guide

Ah, there’s nothing quite like a rich, dark hearted wine sitting happily in a sparkling clean decanter is there? Not only does it look lovely, it heightens our sense of expectation. It also looks super-posh, and every once in a while that can’t be a bad thing. So why do we decant? Which wines do […]
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How to save a bottle of wine when the cork snaps in half

Let’s be honest, when you are by yourself, who cares? After all you’ve pushed a half-cork into a bottle of wine with a bic biro before haven’t you? You’re a savvy customer – you know cork floating in wine doesn’t mean the wine is corked. Pooh to those that suggest otherwise. When other people are […]
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A guide to wine faults

There’s nothing worse is there? There you are, wilting under the gaze of a stern looking waiter, as you nose your glass. Your job is simple; is the wine good, or is it in bad nick? So far, so straightforward… Not so, according to many of us (the ability to accurately spot wine faults is […]
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Tracking down a wine you’ve tried and liked

It’s a common problem: you find a wine you love and then can’t find it anywhere. If you’ve failed to track down a wine in the past, this short article should help. Firstly, there are a number of reasons why this might happen: You tried the wine abroad and can’t find it now you’re back […]
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Spotting Counterfeit Wines

“Keep clear of wine I tell you, white or red, especially Spanish wines which they provide and have on sale in Fish Street and Cheapside. That wine mysteriously finds its way to mix itself with others.” Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales (14th Century). Chaucer, evidently a suspicious man, would no doubt be amazed at the sophistication […]
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Choosing wine at a restaurant

Ah, the moment many people dread. Whether it’s taking an important client out, choosing wine for your team, or even just selecting a bottle for your Bon Viveur father in law, choosing wine at a restaurant can give even seasoned wine drinkers the heebie-jeebies. Petrified about pronunciation? Perplexed about pricing? Perturbed at the possibility of […]
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How to store wine

You’ve been keeping your wine where? For how long? If your wine could speak it would surely be asking for counselling by this stage, or at the very least a package holiday in a musty cellar in the Home Counties somewhere. Clearly, you need help on how to store wine – we are here for […]
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